Individuals who are interested in taking the National Federation Rules Exams for any state-sponsored sport must first be registered through their local officials' board or association on the Arbiter Sports website. The exception to this is potential track and field, swimming, and diving officials must register as an individual on the Arbiter Sports website.  You will no longer go to the NFHS exam site for online testing.  Please read and follow all registration instructions on Arbiter carefully!!

     The exam and review schedule for fall, winter, and spring sports also located on the Officials' page in the Info Center for your handy reference.  In order to be eligible to officiate interscholastic contests, MPSSAA requires each official to score a minimum (passing score) of 75%.  In order to be eligible to officiate a State Tournament assignment, a minimum score of 85% is required.  Individuals may take each test up to ten times in order to attain the desired score or merely for self-enrichment.  However, once a score of 90% is attained, no additional test attempts can be taken.  Be sure to look for online rules quizzes posted by some of our State Rules Interpreters prior to and throughout the sports season on the MPSSAA website and/or the Arbiter Sports website.

     Individual test status reports and test results are available by logging in to Arbiter Sports and clicking on "Central Hub" on the main page.  Next, select the link that says "2013-14 MPSSAA Officials".  When that page opens, click on "Testing".  Read all instructions carefully regarding saving, printing, and distributing your test results.  Association/Board Administrators can now access the test scores for all of their officials, but each individual official is still responsible for maintaining a hard copy of their exam results.

     If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Donnee Gray, Coordinator of Officials at or 410-767-0375 OR Arbiter Support.  You may email Arbiter Support at or check their website for more information.

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