The MPSSAA Publications page is where you will find various online versions of materials printed by the MPSSAA Office.


MPSSAA 2014-15 Handbook

    Ejection/Incident Report Form

     What is a "Credentialed Coach"?

     Guidelines For Conducting Special Game Day Observances Within NFHS Rules 



2014 Fall Bulletin

        Section I Introduction

        Boys' and Girls' Cross Country

        Girls' Field Hockey



        Boys' and Girls' Soccer

        Girls' Volleyball


2013-14 Winter Bulletin

        Section I Introduction

        Boys' and Girls' Basketball

        Boys' and Girls' Indoor Track

        Boys' and Girls' Swimming & Diving



2014 Spring Bulletin

        Section I Introduction

        Boys' Baseball

        Boys' and Girls' Lacrosse

        Girls' Softball    

        Boys' and Girls' Tennis

        Boys' and Girls' Track & Field


Region Tournament Resources:

2014-15 Region Director's Guide

2014-15 Region Seeding Form

2014-15 Schedule Report Form


Record Books:

Fall Record Book - Updated 10/10/14

Winter Record Book - Updated 6/5/14

Spring Record Book - Updated 7/7/14

NFHS National Record Book

NFHS National Record Applications



2015 Minds In Motion Scholarship Application -- Will be available around 3/1/15.

Minds In Motion Scholarship Recipients, 2008-2014


"SCOUT" Magazine: (Please note that Scout is only available here in electronic form.)

All issues, 2010-present.


Pre-Participation Physical Exam Form:

English & Spanish versions


Reference Documents:

2013-2021 First Practice, First Game, & State Tournaments Dates

2013-2037 State Semifinal Pairings

2013-2014 State Tournament Timelines

2014-2015 State Tournament Timelines

2014-2015 Quick Reference Calendar

2013-2015 Classification Alignment

2013-2015 High School Enrollment Numbers

2013-2014 Alphabetical Listing of Schools and 3-Letter Code

2013-2014 Directory of Member Schools


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