Welcome to the MPSSAA Sanctioning page. Here you will find all the information needed to have an event sanctioned.  If you are unfamiliar with sanctioning, take a few minutes to review our "Understanding Sanctioning" and the "Sanctioning Levels and Required Forms" features in the Info Center on the right hand side of the page.  If you are looking to find if an event has been sanctioned, select either the specific sport or the season to find a specific event in the list below.


     Please note: The MPSSAA Intrastate Sanction Form is used only for intercounty/city contests involving more than three Maryland teams AND sponsored by a non-member educational institution.  This form can be filled out online and submitted electronically but must included an official listing of participating schools before it can be processed for approvalMember MPSSAA schools may host intercounty/city contests involving other member MPSSAA schools or schools approved through the Standards of Competition without sanctioning approval.


     The MPSSAA Bordering State Sanction Form and MPSSAA Interstate Sanction Form are used when an event has schools from OUTSIDE Maryland that are invited to participate against member MPSSAA schools. These forms can be filled out online, printed, and then faxed, or scanned and emailed to the MPSSAA Office.  The submitted forms must include an official listing of participating schools before it can be processed for approval.  If unsure of which form to use, please utilize the "Sanctioning Levels and Required Forms" feature in the Info Center.

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